39IIFS is a niche one-window service to provide Innovative Ideas and Futuristic Solutions.




Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to make it easy and possible for Business Owners to restructure, standardize and automate their Business Processes to make their Enterprise process driven, thus enabling optimization and growth.


Analyze, Identify and Align Non-Standard Processes


Regulate and Redesign Business Processes to Gain Efficiency and Productivity


Achieve the Desired Scalability in Your Business Through Business Process Automation with Holistic Visibility and Control
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Our Approach

In house Team

We attach great importance to Customer Relationships and play the role of an in-house business automation planners and executors.

Hand holding

We provide end to end complete hand holding to our clients across project planning and project execution phase.

Guidance & Support

We deepen our relationship by guiding and supporting our clients to identify the pain points and brainstorm solutions that are workable and automation friendly.
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Our Project Planning & Project Execution services are customized, comprehensive and competitive to suit the business needs of the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.



Our Project Planning & Project Execution services are customized, comprehensive and competitive to suit the business needs of the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Project Planning

The Value Proposition includes Project Planning. The highlights of the Project Planning are the answers which are evolved to tackle the needs of the Business Enterprise. The Project Planning gets you ready for the  Digital Transformation.


Design Thinking Outcomes

Pain point identification across business functions.

Channelizes brainstorming to derive practical solutions for identified pain points.

Business Process Management

BPM Outcomes

Highlights the areas for resource optimization.

Makes it easy to perform an internal process audit.

Makes it easy to perform Process restructuring, to achieve efficient operational outcomes.

User Friendly Prototypes

Prototypes Outcomes

Mitigates the risk of unsuccessful Business Process Automation, even before initiating implementation.

Provides the Business Owners the required holistic visibility and direction even before they start their journey of Digital Transformation.

Project Execution

The Value Proposition includes Project Execution. The essence of the Project Execution is Project Implementation. Our use of the Project Management Framework as per PMI – PMP ensures smooth and effective execution of the assignment. It covers management of the Scope, Time, Cost, Communication, Risk, Procurement and Stakeholders.

Project Management Triangle
Scope Management includes the detailed process of scope determination, its management, and its control.
Time Management Plan defines how the project schedule is managed throughout the project life cycle.
Cost management plan outlines the project’s estimation, allocation and cost control for the required resources to complete all project activities.
Procurement and Risk Management
Procurement Management Plan sets the procurement framework for the project.
It will serve as a guide for managing procurement throughout the life of the project and will be updated as acquisition needs change.
Risk management plan consists of identified or foreseen risks, estimated impacts, and defined responses to the identified risks.
Communication and Stakeholder Management
The purpose of the Communications Management Plan is to define the communication requirements for the project and how information should be distributed.
The stakeholder management plan guides the approach and actions that will increase support and minimize the negative impacts of stakeholders throughout the life of the project.



39IIFS is the brainchild of Mr. Nilay Shah a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing from a Management Institute of All India repute. Nilay fortified his core strength in marketing with additional qualifications and certifications in Project Management and Enterprise Design Thinking.  His professional work covered assignments in business process analyses, design thinking, project automation and project management.

In most assignments Nilay experienced gaps in business processes and disconnect between operations and automation. His passion for making a meaningful impact led him to launch 39IIFS to offer innovative ideas and futuristic solutions for the present and future to business in order that it achieves its purpose for being in business.

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Integrated Spaces Limited has immensely benefitted from the creation of Business Process Blueprint which provided visibility to the entire team and also resulted in resource optimisation. 39IIFS has guided and mentored us through every step. We are now confident that when we provide our Business process blueprint & digital prototype to any software developers, the automation will definitely result in success.

Kanti SavlaOwner, Integrated Spaces Limited

It was an Excellent experience. I wasn’t open to the digital transformation at all, but after the sessions with 39 IIFS we are considering to drop the resistance. The journey was not only easy but also introspective, interesting and eye opening.

Beena ParekhFounder and Principal, Harmony Montessori

My experience was very good. Sessions with 39 IIFS made us aware of the areas of issues which we had completely overlooked. Yes, it gave a very good perspective of our problem areas and the solution for that. We have more clarity on Our Digital Transformation Journey as the session helped us in Pin pointing the areas where there’s scope of improvement.

Parul PatelOwner, Harmony Yoga
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